Born in Canada, 1958.
Probably would have been saner to be born underwater in warm fire-lit environment.
Conscious memories began circa 1962...
Commenced socially demanded attendance at statistically compiled mind-structuring facility, 1964.
From age 15, apprenticed in ecclesiastical and secular fine art.
Spent ‘better’ part of youth in theater – singing, acting, writing and performing humor, electronic music. (various stage venues in Winnipeg and Toronto) Off-stage writing – articles, cartooning, poetry.


Entered socially sanctioned labor force avoidance/status enhancement institution, 1976.
Completed B.E.S. (Arch., U of Manitoba ’79) and B. Arch. (U of Detroit, Mercy ’84)
Varied architectural mercenary experience in offices, 1980—1987 in “Babylon”.
Working professionally in art since 1980 - drawing, leaded glass, architecture, interiors, mosaic, monumental, set design, exhibit design - from the ecclesiastical to the surreal.
Contract, consultancy, and various commissioned works; as well as solo and group exhibits in assorted venues; in: Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Stanstead Que., Detroit, San Francisco, Vancouver.


Affiliations – none.
Grants and Awards – have not applied.
P.R. and Marketing – not my job. [“...a man’s got to know his limitations...” Clint Eastwood, “Dirty Harry” ]
C.V. – provided (...eventually...) on request to those who prefer to read about visual art.


Koval’s work is featured in David Pearson’s “New Organic Architecture the Breaking Wave” (University of California Press at Berkeley and Los Angeles, 2001).


Currently independent and rather reclusive artist/architect/(author)
On Facebook: “koval artist-architect” no log-in